Great Collabo Underway with Shembwana Masauti and Sasha Were from Nairobi.

Another storm hit is under way
from Liwazo records.
The crowned upcoming best
vocalist from coast, Shembwana
Masauti has confimed that his
on a project working with a
nairobian based artist sash were
who had her way to the Tusker
project fame 6. His is what
shembwana had to say about the
" Sasha Were nilipatana na yeye
mtaani K hood akifanya mazoezi ya audition
za Tusker project hapo ndo tulijuana
naye nikaona anajuwa kuimba
nikaamua nimfeat kwa track yangu
iitwayo follow you "
According to Masauti the single
is set to be released later at the
end of this year probably on Dec.
This comes when his on his plan
to feat a remix for his song uko
. Follow you will be out
together with fantasy which
was launched in Pwani fm in Aug.
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