Four People Killed in Bamburi Yesterday Evening the Same way Aboud Rogo Died.

Yesterday night on Thursday the successor of the slain Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo, Sheikh Ibrahim Rogo was gunned down with 3 others.
The Sheikh Rogo with four others were going home from Masjid Musa mosque where he had just finished preaching when their vehicle was sprayed with bullets killing four of the five occupants about half a kilometer from Bamburi police post.

The others in the vehicle were Gadaffi Mohammed who is said to be a carpenter, Issa Abdalla whose sister is married to Gadaffi was the driver of the car, Omar Abu Rumeisa and Salim Aboud who survived the attack by playing dead.

Salim Aboud said they were heading home in a Toyota Fun Cargo vehicle  when people on foot started shooting at their car until the car veered off the road and lost control.

"We have finished them," Mr Salim Aboud heard them say as he pretended to be dead. The assailant are said to have sped-off in a Mark X car.

Other muslim leaders including Sheikh Abubakar Sheriff alias Makaburi who arrived at the scene later pointed accusing fingers at the Anti Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).

"The ATPU were here, why have they run way? What are we going to do next and why are they killing us? We have not killed any one but the police are killing innocent Muslims," said Mr Makaburi.

"This actions are being led by Americans and Israelis, Sheikh Ibrahim was not at Westgate during the attack. Western governments do not want Muslims to talk about Jihad. It is part and parcel of Islam, kill us all," he said.

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