Mombasa-Kigali Superhighway to Be Built.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are planning to build a superhighway from Mombasa to Kigali parallel to the standard railway line which is aimed at facilitating trade channels between the countries. The highway is expected to be a six to ten foot road and the construction, which is set to start in 2016 will be facilitated by Trade Mark East Africa. The highway will improve movement of cargoes between the country and also promote inter regional trade.
The inspiration of this highway comes from the famous N1 highway that runs from Cape Town in South Africa to Harare in Zimbabwe. The road will not have weighbridges and roadblocks as the normal highways known to connect Kenya and other East African countries since they are known to be hindrances in trade between this countries.Once cargoes start their journey from Kenya they will not stop until their final destination.

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda’s revenue authorities have been advised to acquire Automated Systems for Customs Data and also invest sh 50 million in Mombasa port to ensure faster transit. This software will enable easier tracking of the cargoes and revenue charges will be conducted in a more efficient way. It will also boost the intraEAC trade that now stands at 25% unlike the normal expectations in the other markets.
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