Kenyan and Nigerian Media Industry Aint at The Same Level, Calvo Mistari Says:

Calvo mistari had read an article in which was comparing Kenyan music and Nigerian Music. The Mwanaume ni effort hitmaker however had to clarify that the Kenyan music industry and that of Nigeria are not the same. He wrote a lengthy response over the same which has all the details about how the two industries really operate.
This comes after last week Mombasa based rapper Odinareh Bingwa was talking about the same which led to him having a misunderstanding with Dj Elonn of Pwani fm and Dj Ken of Pili pili fm.
This is what Calvo wrote as response to ghafla on facebook:

"Just to respond to the article I read in ghafla in comparing the Kenyan Media Industry and Nigeria,...
We aren't at the same level!
You haven't indicated a stand by the Nigerian government (from lobbying by associations both film and music ) implementing over 60% media airtime to local productions and local content (this has moved to 80/85% due to public demand) and this has helped their industry. Their djs also vowed to give a black out to international music to allow their own to prosper and 10/15 yeasr down the line the impact has allowed them to grow past their borders.
Here in Kenya we are lucky even to get 10% airtime on our local music or Movies and tv shows, dominated by Mexican soaps on air, Nigerian movies back to back on our free to air stations (that reach the masses, notice you have choice on pay TV) Our local acts can barely earn a living.
I believe "whatever you feed a child they grow to like it and feed off it", we have made ours like Mexican soaps more than a local drama like 'lies that bind' for example.
We love Kwaito and Naigerian music mostly coz it's in Masses in our radio and TV shows.
Our TV stations will have Afrosinema but can't have a marathon of local content.
Our radio stations will have a Nigerian Radio programme daily but can barely play local music weekly.

It's only in Kenya you go to a club and you will barely hear a Kenyan song play, go to Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, DRC, even in Somalia, they aren't bumping to other people's music more than theirs!
Actors struggle to survive in Kenya because they have to fight for the 5-10% local airtime the local programming might get to distribute amongst them.

There's is new talent in the arts everyday but we shall never get to hear or see them, because Man Must Live, and thus a lot will have to change before that is realised.
Solutions do exist, put the government to task to help create employment. Do you know how much employment will be created should they decide to pass a bill that allows 60% or more, of local content to grace our TV, radio and any other form of media?
  TVproduction alone will allow for more script writers, actors, producers, directors, art departments, ser designers, make up artists, extras, cameramen, editors, lights and grips,... The list Is endless.
Music will grow 10 folds. All these new talent that get shut down before they even leave the studio, all the music that we don't know of that will fill out hearts, make us dance, laugh, cry, sing, think... The list is endless.

The media association of Kenya is quick to try shut these changes down and feed you cheaper alternatives to them thus making them more money and denying us the very success we crave for.
The industry has improved a lot, can you compare Vioja mahakamani with productions that exist today? Can you compare Music as it begun in the late 90s to now. I think our Kenyan music has grown and if fed to the children, it will take off. We can't sit and compare ourselves with Nigeria and South Africa yet they have had 30-40 years of politics before they came together and put their feet down.
Our industry is barely a teenager, let's help it grow and believe you me, 10years from now we shall be talking a whole different ball game.
Tunaomba serikali "Level the playing field!"

What if we begun the charity at home, what if? Tafakari hayo.
Do excuse the typos
Yours trully
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