Where Coast Music Has a Drawback.

Mombasa and coast producers are really trying to make coast music reach the best standards in the world. Musicians too are also doing their best and working hard everyday to improve in their creativity.
There is some faults though in the videos!!!

How can you sing hiphop and talk about hiphop in the music but you you are putting rasta colours and pictures of The late legend Bob marley.
There also a hitch when you say like 'madem kwa club' then you are at a beach yourself or your colleague dancin.
There are also others I can acknowledge who have recommendably good videos the likes of Susumila,Kidis,Dazla,Chikuzee and many more.

I also wish to give some advice to producers. Try to nature and encourage upcoming artists. As given example by one upcoming artist(name withheld) "Producer aliniweka zaidi ya mwaka mmoja bila kutoa ngoma yangu. Kila nikija napata ako busy na great musicians wa hapa Mombasa na nilikuwa nimelipa"
With such as said you are obviously demoralising that artist and that maybe his first and last song.

Hope with time you ll improve and change the face of music industry in Mombasa.

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