Do some women actually have intercourse with other animals?

YES, women (and men) DO have sex with animals.  If you need more proof, visit (a website where hundreds of thousands of zoosexuals talk amongst each other).

The sexual attraction to animals is known as "zoophilia", and people who are sexually attracted to animals are called "zoophiles". However, people are being called "zoosexuals" more and more often because the sexual attraction to animals is being increasingly seen as its own orientation (called "zoosexuality").

People have sex with animals (usually dogs or horses). As proves, hundreds of thousands of people have done it, and hundreds of thousands of people will continue to do it.

There is nothing wrong with zoosexuality as others may say but for me am still confused how one can get seriously sexually attracted to animals.
What is your take on this?
Give comments below and we sample and see how kenyans feel about this.

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