Children Who ask for Money in Town

I don't think street children is the best name to refer to them. This children actually have homes and parents or one parent who sends them there.
The sad thing is they are not going to school despite the government making it free to attend primary school.
You find this children in the streets of Mombasa especially around Tuskeys Digo road and lights as the vehicles turn to Nyali begging for money from people.
I asked one child why he isn't in school and he said 'Mummy huwa ananiambia nikuje hapa nitafute pesa ya chakula ama tulale njaa'
I asked him what his mum does for a living and this is what he said 'Huwa ako nyumbani amelala ama anaongea na marafiki zake hapo nje kwetu'
So how much can you manage to squeeze out of passers by? 'Naweza kupata zaidi ya mia mbili kwa siku na tukiwa na dadangu mdogo tunaweza kufikisha mia saba!'

This children won't do this forever because they will grow and will need more money to satisfy their needs. This will lead to them committing crimes here in Mombasa which we are not as such experiencing as at now.
I will ask the Mombasa leaders especially the governor to consider this as a big agenda like the one he started of cleaning Mombasa.He got to know whose children they are and why the parents are not taking them to school.
The relevant minister of the county should greatly get involved too.
We will lose our future generation if we dont take of them now.
As a Mombasa resident what do you think about this children?
give your comments here as we sample and give a solution to our children of coast.
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