Obinna Hits The Entertainment Fraternity With his Open Letter

This has been a problem especially here in the coast. Most people in the entertainment industry do not know their measure ( I mean what they re worth) Comedian Obinna Ike Igwee is one who is not afraid but to point it out that their talent is also too valuable. Like footballers, athletes and the rest, their pay should also be a notch higher.
This is the open letter he wrote to all the entertainment industry stakeholders:

“True!! Little minds are satisfied with little things. If I gave you my mind for one day and you saw my dreams and ambitions and plans you would die out of Brain Cancer trust me.
I see artists and performers even comedians
selling themselves short and settling for something less every other day!! Thats Stupid!!
It goes something like this.
..Phone rings…Hello? Is this “Obinna”? We are calling you for an event and our budget is tight. (EVERYBODYS BUDGET IS TIGHT) How much are we talking about? 50k ..oh realy? Am game. When is the event??
That’s stupid. You people stop selling yourself short and destroying the market for other Valuable commodities.
.It all works like this on every humans head
…If I can get “Obinna 1″ for 50k why would I buy “Obinna 2″ for 100k??.
And for the clients live your limit and if you can’t afford me kindly don’t call me and tell me how tight your budget is..we all got bills to pay. I won’t settle for less so if you call me kindly be sure you can afford me. Or call me and ask me for the phone numbers of the other cheap performers I’ll kindly give you.
Another thing. Entertainers…Don’t be called and told if Obinna takes 5k why can’t you take 6k and you rush for it. Don’t lower your standard just for the other IDIOT who doesn’t know their level.
And for clients don’t call me as the Last resort. Every Entertainer wants to be treated and the only one. Never pull the stunt of We Called “Obinna 1″ and he couldn’t make it so we decided to call you “Obinna 2″ so just come. That’s Immature.
Artists if you hate the Other person simply don’t talk about them. Shut up and mind your business coz in the end when you talk bad about each other you are crippling yourselves. Rem…YOU WANNA TRAVEL FAR TRAVEL IN NUMBERS!!”

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