Umoinner Sacco Claims Are not Devil Worhippers

The management of the matatu Sacco Umoinner that was involved in an accident involving a train have so far denied they have links with devil worshippers.

Umoinner Sacco public relations officer Kevin Jevick refuted the claims, terming them as hate messages from competitors.

“We are a God-fearing group. Personally, I’m saved and I go to Deliverance church and our chairman is a staunch Catholic,” said Jevick.

“Those saying that we belong to Illuminati or any other sect are our competitors and are jealous of our success. We have come from humble beginnings and our growth into a full Sacco has not gone down well with our competitors.”

Following the accident that claimed the lives of 12 people and injured several others, some Nairobians on Facebook and Twitter claimed the Sacco has links to the secret organisation, Illuminati.

In the past, fatal accidents in Kenya have been linked to activities of devil worshippers. On November 30 during rush hour, a speeding train rammed into a bus, knocking a car that had slowed down for the train to pass.

The accident happened at Muthurwa level crossing that is always busy in the morning.

These are some of the tweets Kenyans had made terming them devil worshippers:
then why do they play alluminati songs

who said you are mbona kujishuku.
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