KTN Loses Veteran Swahili Presenter Ahmed Darwesh


Ahmed Darwesh the Veteran KTn Swahili Anchor passed on after he succumbed to diabetes. He was declared dead at the Matter Hospital Nairobi after he appeared seriously ill in his South C home. He is believed to have died in his house before the medics declared him gone.
We are all mourning his loss together  with The Standard Media group which he worked for. Darwesh was a Student in Tudor High back in the Day.
Other media personalities are still yet to come to terms to the loss of a friend and a good coleague. This is what some of them had to say:
George Orido:  Knew him before we became journalist: Working with him at the National Youth Health Outreach program in Mombasa as peer educators. Humilty , humility..such a rare attribute in the newsroom.
Larry Madowo:  I'm gutted and heartbroken about Ahmed Darwesh. Rest In Peace, my friend. It was a privilege to know you. Shukran
Joy Doreen Bira:  I don't recall one single day you didn't have a smile on your face at work or anywhere else I met you. Your humility was just admirable and your kindness unconditional.

Remember when I was pregnant with Ty (my son), you came to my desk every single day to ask how I was doing, whether I needed anything to drink or eat... and after he was born you continuously asked how family is doing. We joked about how I inspired you to get baby number 3. You cared. You mentored. You inspired.
LoftyMatambo: Alikuwa kielelezo wangu, kanichochea niwe nilipo,kanipokea Ktn siku ya kwanza,..kanipa Wosia:-.....,"babu ukiweza kumsadia mtu msadie haitokugharimu kitu...,lakini wengi huogopa kushindwa na wengine kwenye hii fani,usiyashike yao"..
Hassan Juma: R.I.P my bro,colleague,confidante and friend #Ahmed Darwesh,it is painful but we are all on this same journey,the journey to meet our maker

Source KTN 
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