The Beef between Mitaa Kisauni and Gates Mgenge takes another Turn as Mitaa Dares to Fight Gates

The heated beef that started sometime last month between Mitaa Kisauni and the Pwani Fm radio presenter Gates Mgenge has taken another turn.
Mitaa Kisauni today wrote on His wall and I quote

'Mtasikia nimepigana na radio presenter flani!'

This was direct indication that the message was meant for Gates.
When we asked Mitaa Kisauni about this post, he replied.

   Mitaa Kisauni: Gates Mgenge nishazipata salamu kama wataka kupigana na mimi nambie kesho tukutane wapi tuone mi na wewe nani atachukulia mwenzake P3 na Ob  number! 

He never wanted to discuss further on what he wants to do or why he is taking this decision.
Now you have got it. Anything further we will let you know
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