People Want to Acquire Waitiki Land in Likoni Fraudlently


People have invaded the controversial Waitiki farm in Likoni Mombasa fraudlently in a bid to get in on a survey of the 930-acre property which is currently occupied by more than 10,000 local squatters.
Speaking at Shika Adabu Chief’s Office Monday 7th December, National Land Commission chairman Mohammed Swazuri said people who were not on the list were trying to fraudlently acquire plots.
“We will stick to the list compiled in August,” he said.
Accompanied by the new Land Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi, Prof Swazuri said surveyors had done 60 per cent of the work since they started about 10 days ago.
The planners have also completed their work on 80 per cent of social amenities such as schools, shopping centres, playgrounds, hospitals and worship areas.
“Some houses will have to be adjusted to accommodate roads for emergency services such as ambulances or fire engines,” he said.

Swazuri said it had been discovered that the owner, Mr Evanson Waitiki, had sold 150 acres to certain individuals and leased some parcels of the land.
He said after the survey, he would meet the owner to clear up these issues before title deeds were issued to the new owners.
Prof Kaimenyi said his ministry and the land commission had patched up their differences and are ready to work together.
“You will never again hear us fight in public over the land docket because we have resolved to work together for the benefit of wananchi,” he said.
Prof Kaimenyi said he was in the region to familiarise himself with the land’s historical injustices.
Although conspicuously absent, Likoni MP Masoud Mwahima said by phone he had visited nine of the leased parcels of land since the survey began.

Source: Daily Nation
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