Amileena and Nyota Ndogo working on a new Collabo.

According to sources, Amileena and Nyota Ndogo have signed a contract with Bernsoft Entertainment and are working on collabo. The duo are supposedly in the final stages of their track that will be released sometime next month. The duo have been termed as very successful in their musical careers and therefore a big thunderous hit is to be expected as a result.

Amileena a former TPF4 contestant has since produced songs such as Why, Shine, Hodi and Hali Mahututi featuring Collo and Mi na We which have been all hits.

Mombasani Taarab singer Mwanaisha Abdalla alias Nyota Ndogo who recently became a mother of her second child after Mubarak  on the other hand has been in the music industry longer than her counterpert mostly famous for her hit song Watu na Viatu which was even nominated for the best East African song at the 2007 Tanzania Music Awards.

She has also done songs such as Nibebe Featuring Nonini and Nataka Toa featuring Necessary Noize.

Below is a picture of the two in the studio working on this great track,
[picture by Daily Post]

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