Sonko's appearance at Club Bobs Attracts Twilight Girls.

Sonko entered Mombasa with six classy cars. The flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko made a grand entry at the popular Bobs Bar and Restaurant in Nyali, here in Mombasa, on Monday before proceeding to the VIP Murphy’s bar where  his followers were treated well with priced drinks.

The rare spectacle brought the otherwise lukewarm Mombasa night to life with politicians and businessmen joining Sonko for a toast.

After twilight girls got wind of the night club party, they quickly flocked the venue hoping to make a kill from the waheshimiwas. However, Sonko who was no doubt the target did not seem to mind their business as he continued to enjoy the night with his fellow politicians before leaving for his hotel room later in the night.
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