This Girl Drives Me Crazy

                             THIS GIRL DRIVES ME CRAZY

 I knew her at a tender age
Without Her I am filled with rage
All people love her doesn't matter the age 
Whether you live in town or the village.

She gets me annoyed like a Kisii
I run like a Kalenjin searching for her
I am always swaggeriffic like a Luo to maintain her
 When am with her am a glutton more than a Luyha

Am peaceful with her like a Coasterian
Business minded like a Kikuyu
Colourful more than a Kamba
And More with culture like a Maasai

All ministers want to date her
She makes Raila Stammer
She can make Uhuru kneel down
All police men in Kenya want her

I am saddened that even pastors salivate for her
Even other girls want her company
When am with her more girls want me
Without her none looks at me!

Though she has broken  many marriages I still want her.
I am neither her first boyfriend nor her last.
Even other girls want her.
She does not care even if I date all of them

When am with her I ve many friends
Without her i ve zero friends
I can eat Pizza with her
And sleep hungry without her

She does not have a real name.
She does not have a real complexion either
 She doesnt care how i look
Or where I put her.

Her name is .......................

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