Many Mombasa Upcoming Artists are Dying to Do a Collabo With Sis P


There are controversies that can work and others that will show direct irony and won't work in the music industry.
That said, Producer Khalid  of A Million records claims that many Mombasa upcoming artists have been jamming his inbox on social media platforms dying to do a collabo with Sis P whom he is currently managing.
He goes ironically further to say that those who want him to give them a chance are more 100 and those having sleepless nights to do a collabo with Sis P are more than 300.
I did not know Mombasa has such a big number of desperate artists.

"Wasanii wengi wa mombasani wamekuwa wakijaza inbox yangu kwa vitu viwili, 1.Nifanye kazi nao-hawa ni zaidi ya Mia 2.Wanaomba collabo na Sis P. - hawa mia tatu ni kidogo kufikia sasa... Kuna Wasanii Wana rauka studio kila siku kuomba collabo... Leo nimeamka na Mood nzuri huenda nikifanya collabo moja... Mwadhani Sis P angefanya collabo na nani hapa mombasa....???" He said

Sis P's current song Bonge la Bwana is doing well in the charts.

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