Do we Need Permission To Write About a Public Figure?

Now yesterday Pday was giving a list of bloggers and blogs who can write about him. If you are asking who Pday is, He is the hitmaker of Bolivala and now Bena Kitoko.
These kind of remarks are like choosing fans or supporters. I would be honest and tell him something. Once you become a public figure your atmosphere changes. What you do is under scrutiny by people you know and those you do not know. You do not need to know each and everyone personally for them to be your fans or to write about you. What if the blog that will write about you is from Nairobi? (Naivety)
Us being bloggers especially CITYVILLE MOMBASA we do not only write because we want viewers we also write to expose you too.
If public figures were to choose what is to be written about them then bloggers,news reporters and Tv anchors like Mohamed Ali could not be there.
We only work under this simple rules that are also in our constitution:

1. We can only be accountable on our content if what we wrote is defamation
2. What we ve written causes danger to a person or a group of people
3. If our content goes against social well being and we did not give a warning before posting.
4.If what that content holds is evidence of a police case or court case still under progress

However if what we written is true, credible and confirmed to have happened whether bad or good, you ve nothing you can do about it. You can also be in a problem if you give a threat to us in any means because of the content we ve written.
On humble request we may consider taking down an article if you personally explain how it affects you and others around you. After thorough reviewing then we can take an article down.
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