Uruguay Striker Suarez Accussed of Biting Giorgio Chiellini of Italy

The game yesterday in which Italy was playing against Uruguay to qualify and proceed to second round was hilarious. However it did not end as expected.
Uruguay top scorer Suarez could have bit Italy’s player Giorgio Chiellini
FIFA has charged Suarez with biting and faces a maximum 24-month ban under its disciplinary rules – and it appears it will apply only to international football.
FIFA rules call for a minimum two-match ban.
A decision must be published before Saturday, when Uruguay plays Colombia in a round-of-16 World Cup match.
Italy centre-back Giorgio Chiellini insisted Suarez – dubbed the World Cup’s most hated man – bit him during this morning’s clash between the two teams in Natal.
“He bit me, it’s clear, I still have the mark,” Chiellini told Italian television station Rai after the match.
 “The referee should have blown his whistle and given him a red card, also because he was simulating,” added the Juventus player.
Television replays suggested Chiellini was telling the truth.
And certainly, this would not be Luis Suarez’s first biting incident.
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