Security Alarm to Mombasa Imams as Youths Take Over Popular Mosques

Moderate Muslim leaders in Mombasa and all security officers have expressed fear that radical Islamists are gaining control of Mombasa following last Friday’s forcible takeover of Sakina Jamia Mosque.
Youths from the controversial Masjid Musa Mosque were armed with knives. They stormed into the Sakina mosque before the Friday Dhuhr prayers.
Sakina mosque was held under siege for two hours during and conducted their prayers before leaving.
It has also come as a matter of concern that police failed to intervene in the incident, fearing that entering the mosque could have angered both the moderate and radicalised Muslims.
Another threat however has come on Liwatoni Mosque and has alarmed local leaders that radical preachers could be keen to spread their fiery preaching that authorities fear will radicalise youths.

It has been revealed that a secret meeting of all Imams and other Muslim leaders in Mombasa was convened here in Mombasa to discuss the radicalisation threat and its masterminds.
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