Nzumari Awards 2013 Cancelled Last Minute Due To Poor Preparations

This year's Nzumari awards started with bad taste as from inception. The first list that was given out by the organizers brought heated debate that led to others withdrawing like Susumila and Kidis.
Grandpa Records too was about to sue the organizers for not following protocol in nominating Kidis and putting him in the list of the performers.
The event was to go down last weekend on 30th November at Mombasa Beach hotel.
It however did not take place as Eve Queen was forced to call off the Nzumari awards at its peak due to poor turn out and meager preparations. At event it could seen as poorly prepared. You could imagine by around 9.30 pm the sound system and stage had not yet been fully prepared, some few revelers who had turned out for the event  at that time were forced to go back after being locked out at the gate of the venue for some time since the event had not started yet.

Eve Queen had a quite rather hard time to try and multitask so that the event can be successful.Some people who had come to event were blocked at the gate and forced to go back as they were told the event has been cancelled.
Eve however claims this was a misleading information that was being given to people who were coming to the event.

She was forced to cancel the whole event and promised though to organise it later since the winners of various awards need to be crowned.

Ney wa Mitego  from Tanzania who had showed up for the event was forced to cater for his accommodation and return air ticket  to Tanzania since the organisers could not raise the money to cater for that even after he pleaded with them to even only pay his return ticket to Tanzania since he was scheduled to perform in Tanzania the next day(Sunday).
Eve queen and her team had difficult time when they wanted to leave the venue without refunding those who had come and had bought tickets.
They were put in a difficult situation as those who had attended demanded their refund. The were however not refunded.

This year there will be no award in the coast since Coast music Awards was cancelled too.
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