Who form Part of The Mombasani Entertainment Industry? A Body Has Been Created to Move Their Agendas

Allegedly artists, Dj’s, presenters, producers, film makers and other players in entertainment industry  from Mombasa county yesterday met and resolved to form a body that will oversee their activities and help them push their agendas.

This comes as a surprise to others because of maybe  communication breakdown.
Crazy K one of the Mombasani artists is one of those who are not aware of this move.

From what he wrote on his facebook wall, it seems entertainment industry is being politicized.
This is what he wrote:

"MBONA MUMEANZA KULETA SIASA KWA MZIKI...? Eti "Mombasa artists have decided to speak in one voice"? ok si kwa ubaya lakini mimi I recognize NO COMMITTEE, sababu kubwa ikiwa sijaona uwazi wowote katika uchaguzi wa hiyo "committee", kwanza hiyo voting mlifanya saa ngapi nani..? sielewi kabisa halfu pili hivi hiyo commitee itakua ni ya nini...? labda pengine mimi ndo sijui pekeyangu so kama kuna mtu anaelewa zaidi tafadhali naomba nifafanuliwe zaidi"

The body is now presented by the people in the list below as they were voted for.
1) Chairman – Susumila
2) Vice Chair – Nyota Ndogo & Kingsting
3)Organising Secretary – Hassan Faisal
4)Secretary – Muscat Moreno
5) Treasurer – Gabriel Mwamuye
6) Vice Treasurer – Swit P mamalao
1) Kidis
2) Joseph Mutemi
3) Gates Mgenge
4)Captain Lui
5)Dj Ellon
6)Producer Amz
7) Alfred Otieno – Youth Parliament
8)Richard Awuor.

From our side as Cityville Mombasa, we were not invited to the meeting and we were not there. Maybe because we are not part of Mombasani entertainment industry or because of communication breakdown.
Do not get us wrong, we do support such a move.Though we could wish that all people who play part in all entertainment issues be included.All this people include event organizers, Djs,Radio presenters, bloggers, filmmakers ,producers even club owners if need be.
Sidelining others including artists like Crazy K brings a problem within a problem you want to solve.

That is my opinion and it is not instigated by anybody.
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