Disunity Among Secular Mombasani Artists Is Proved Real.

Mombasa County Minister for Tourism Anthony Njaramba had called for a meeting to help unite the county performing and upcoming artists which was held yesterday on Wednesday.  The meeting ended up turning into a platform showing how there is disunity among the county’s  secular artists .

Drama actually unfolded when the Minister asked for each group of performing artists  to choose a representative who will represent them to the county govt through the minister and the artists. Gospel artists peacefully chose  Kinkiz and Mombasa producers chose producer Totti.

The process to choose the representative for the secular artists  took more than half an hour with different artists suggesting different individuals who included Johny Skani flani, Ali B, Kingsting and Amoure Baby , the artists failed to choose one of their own.

Artists Johny Skani, Ali B and Kingsting were compelled to involuntarily step down from the list of candidates since the artists could not agree on any of them.

“since you guys cannot choose your representative then I will choose for you and when you will finally grow up you will be able to choose” said Minister Njaramba.

Njaramba decided to choose Hannington Alulu alias Alulu.

Njaramba called on the artists to ensure that they find amicable mechanisms  which will help them in  solving their differences.

Njaramba argued “You can use your different groups to find amicable mechanisms that will help you solve the differences that you guys are facing”

The minister is also expected to meet other players in the county’s entertainment industry from next week.
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