This Boy On Churchil Show Ryan Can Differentiate Colours and Read While Blindfolded

On Churchill yesterday, many were shocked to see the young boy Ryan managing to read and differentiate colours while blind folded. The boy was with his mother Jacklyn Oyuchi.
 Jacklyn Oyuchi took had taken Ryan, to Peak Performance International, a transformational institution aimed at aiding its clients realizing their God given potential, and her son here unearthed another hidden ability she little knew about.

After two days of training in mid brain activation, daily blindfold exercise, brain gym exercise and photographic memory training, Ryan was able to  differentiate colours of objects and read text successfully when blindfolded.

Speaking to Generation Next, in their Langata home, Jacklyn told off how Ryan suffered from a bad case of cold feet that robbed him of the courage to face crowds.

This is what led to her decision to enroll him at the institution.

People who have doubted him have tried with practical examples in which he has proved them wrong.
Yesterday he did it in Churchill show and left many speechless.

He was tried with pegs of different colours assembled on a table.

Ryan was then instructed  to sort them by their colour while blindfolded and in amazing ability managed easily.

We asked how he did it, the seven-year-old, termed by his mother as a keen child with a sharp memory and superb concentration ability, attributed it to brainpower.

"€œYour brain helps you to know the colours of objects when your eyes are closed,"€ Ryan said.

From scientist€™s point of view, the human brain utilizes only less than 10 per cent of its brain capacity. The human brains consist of the left and right brain and if all are in equilibrium, the brain will function optimally.

To achieve this, however, the human brains must be stimulated from an early age because the brain cells are very active from the age 0-12 years, are averagely active at 13-20 years before they begin aging when one clocks 20 years.
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