(INTERVIEWS) FIVE Minutes OF INTERVIEW With Shamaniz. 10 Things You need To Know About Her.


What is your real name?
Ann Wanjiku

How did the name Shamaniz come?
I was given that name by my brother at first it was Samaniz meaning`someone nice' but later on we felt like it sounded shrubing

Hehehe, so when did you start music?
Eh kitambo,2002 still very young

Had you produced a track then?
Yes like four

What was the name of your first track?
My first track was called Nakuhisi

Were in school then or out?

I was in already school

How many tracks have you done so far?
They many,over 20 tracks.

Oh that is great. Have you done any albums?
Not yet,but its my next plan.

Have you done any videos to this tracks?
I Have Done Several Videos But Their Quality isn't good.

Oh,but they still get airplay. Which studios do you record in?
Niko Freelance As Kokote,but Nimework Na Tee Hits, SQ, Bigfoot And So Many....

Why do you think many artists in the coast are freelancers?
Wana Tafuta Diffrent Flavors Which I Think Is Fine

Which challenges do you face in this male dominated industry?
Mob Tu, You Know Us Ladies We Are Never Taken Serious,and Then Wengine Wetu Tunaeka Mapenzi Na Maproducer Mbele And We End Up Losing

Hope you ve managed to get through this. Where do you Coast music is going?
Ye I Have Managed To Coz I Know Exactly What I Am doing,coast Music Is Going Places I Like The Fact That Ous Music Is Becoming More And More Mature Everyday.

What do you do outside music?

I Do Business

Which Kind of Business?
I d rather not say it.

What is your marital status?
Im Not Single

What could you wish to tell young girls who wish to join the industry.

Bidii Kwanza,kujiheshimu Na Kuwa Kuwa Focused.

Check her Song here with Crazy K called Hamnielewi
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