(INTERVIEW) EXCLUSIVE Interview With Ohms Law Montana.

What is your real name?
Kelvin Omondi

How did you get the name Ohms Law Montana?

Ohms from  my name Omondi, and Law I shortened it from Kelvin. . .K-law. . En coz I loved physics, in school they called me Ohms law, ...Montana is a drug for asthma inaitwa hivo and because am asthmatic, thus the name.

Pole jo, so when did you start music?

In Form three 2008 in khamis high I was in school choir, form 4 when rap was introduced to music festival I managed to rep my school to nationals, so after high school nilikuwa nadu spoken words. 2013 ndo nikaanza kufanya hiphop

So you did your first track 2013?
Yeah. . .and it is called Streetstar,

Have you done any collabos ?
Yeah, latest collabo nimedu na Mc Drullix. . .inaitwa Gavaa yangu

 Which record labels do you record in?
Am a freelance artist ready to work with any dope producer

Which challenges do you face in this music industry.?
As at now Finance is a major challenge

Who inspires you alot in the music industry.?
2pac, Big, lunniz, eminem, kendric lamar, pusha t, en locally. . .kalamashaka, kitu sewer,

Are you single, married or....?
Haha single. . .still waiting for the right time yoh

Hahaha ... Whom do you wish to do a collabo with if given a chance here in msa ?

What could you wish to conclude with.
Apart from music, i'm pafecting my skills in script writing, short stories and plays. I'm lookin forwad to work with any dope mc, am working in my new mixtape called 'Magistrates DC'

They should like my fan page Ohm's Law Montana and follow me on twitter @ohmslawmontana. Am repin ma hood RoneySidePinkland Mshomoroni.

Listen to his song streetstar here
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