Wilberforce of HeartBeat Entertainment Ditches Music Industry.

HeartBeat entertainment has been there for quite sometime helping raise talents in the coast especially Mombasa. The CEO to the Company Mr Wilberforce however is no longer going to give that support he has been giving.
It now looks like he has ditched the music industry and he is going to concentrate on othe things. Maybe he has been saved!!(Amen to That)
He wrote this on his facebook wall showing his little interest in the industry.

"Till that far namshukuru Mungu,thus why have decided to serve him the rest of my days...Mambo na entertainment zone sipo tena.Would like thank everybdy whm have workd wdh bila kusahau wasanii,presenters,producers n by then mapromotar wenzangu n coast music fartanity kwa jumla.May God bless the work of your hands.Love you all wdh clean heart breathens."

We can only wish him the best in the endevours he takes.
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