So It Is True Dazlah Kiduche Fought The Candy n Candy record label Management

It is now true that Dazlah kiduche fought with the Candy n Candy Record label management. Speaking on phone to Gates Mgenge in MashavMashav show that is aired by Pwani Fm he claimed to have actually fought them.
His claims over what triggered the actions as he says were that a Nigerian artist was recently signed to the record label and a video was done to the artist's track while Dazlah who has been there for more than a year now has not gotten the same privilege.
This move by Candy n candy angered Dazlah who fought the management and as said from other sources, the police had to intervene.
He however said plans are underway to have a talk with the label's CEO Joe Kariuki so that a solution can be reached at.
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