Mombasa Now Looks Better

The Governor of Mombasa Ali Hassan Joho started a monthly clean up exercise for our beloved city. With him on the fore front, the exercise is conducted with Mombasa residents.
Saturday on the 22nd there was  a cleaning exercise again scheduled and the theme was “Conservation of the Environment” given that the World Environment Day falls in this month, it was important  that his compaign was revolving around conserving the environment.
The targeted audience for this month’s campaign was to be Primary and Secondary schools.

This is because school going children need to be taught the importance of picking up after themselves and disposing of rubbish in a responsible manner and due to health implications, parents and teachers also need to ensure that illegal dump sites do not crop up around the schools and homes where they operate.
Through the County Secretary for Education and the County Director of Education, the Governor had directed and asked all schools within Mombasa County to participate on June 22nd by cleaning both inside and outside their school compound.
All Members of parliament and Ward Representatives in all Constituencies and Wards were to focus on cleaning their areas and clearing dump sites situated next to schools.
All Mombasa residents were to participate in the clean up exercise by cleaning their compounds and the surrounding areas voluntarily.

With the Motto Pamoja tunaweza I can bet Mombasa will be a better and always better city to be.

Welcome all to Mombasa.
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