Waitiki Land Tussle in Likoni Finally Resolved


Evanson Kamau aka Waitiki has been in the news for more than 40 years now because of the land he owns at Likoni Mombasa county. The natives have been on his neck and claiming he grabbed their land. The Waitiki land is very controversial that it led to the suspension of the Cabinet Secretary for land ministry Hon Charity Ngilu.
However yesterday the President of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta held meeting with major stakeholders including Evans Kamau and came up with a lasting solution.
He also gave a statement about the matter which i guess will make the natives at likoni have something to smile about.
This is the statement he gave:

I am very pleased to announce that an amicable resolution has been found to the long–running dispute between Mr Evanson Kamau, also known as Waitiki, and a number of other claimants to a parcel of land in Likoni, Mombasa County.

The Government has signed a framework agreement with Mr. Waitiki, which establishes a road map for the adjudication and titling of all the land to current occupants.

The land has been the subject of numerous litigation processes going back to 1997. Three previous governments have considered the matter, without bringing it to a close.

But now, at last, we have a framework that promises to bring the matter to an end.

I direct the Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Housing, and Urban Development to take immediate steps to implement the Framework Agreement. As a start, he should meet with local leaders as early as next week to work out the final details.

As we conclude this process, it is well to reflect on what this means. Land has often been a point of conflict in Kenya. It need not be so. With care, and prudent management, every Kenyan can share in its bounty. When Kenyans gave my government the honour of leading the country, they did so because they believed we had answers to Kenya’s land questions.

My government has issued more than 2 million titles, and we are committed to securing land tenure to all Kenyans.

Kenyans can expect us to continue to adjudicate disputed parcels of land.

That we have brought to an end the Waitiki land matter stands as proof of our resolve.

God bless you. God bless Kenya.


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