Octopizzo Has A Crush on Miss Karun!!

It is not easy for one to open up in public easily but Namba Nane artiste Octopizzo however did that yesterday. He share a photo of Miss Karun who he had done a hit song nini with her sometime back.
This is what Octo had to say about her( Opening up)

"And my #WCW goes to the one and only Karun,the Chemistry on that Nini Video Shoot(Cameo),wacha tu!!,I wasn't used to gals making me blush, and I wasn't sure why she even was making me blush.But my crush was on her Confidence,A slow smile spread across her lips,I liked her but I never wanted her to know,coz we were at work..
Butterflies??? Naah.. I feel the whole zoo inside me when I see you.. SEMA KUFUNGUA ROHO heheehh
#Hala_atcha _BuoY

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