Who is Right? Odinareh Bingwa Thwacks Djs.

Yesterday in Mombasa there was a heated argument on social media involving Djs, Artists and fans. This triggered by an article that was on spice magazine in which Odinare Bingwa had said that Djs Kill the local music by playing Jamaican, South African and Nigerian Music. Dj Elonn of Pwani fm did not take the allegation on Djs as valid he however responded unprofessionally quoting Dj Kaytrixx. This is what he said:

“In the words of my brother and fellow DJ Kaytrixx The Entertainer..." If you don't like what I am playing...........switch off your radio or tune to another station."

Do not misunderstand me for saying this as unprofessional but rather put it right for my brother to understand. If your boss reads this(tune to another radio station) it may cost you your job.
 Anyway Odinareh Bingwa hit back again by replying to what Dj Elonn had said on radio and written on facebook. It was not getting any better. It actually brought more argument and dragged more artists and Djs in it. This is what he said on his facebook wall:
"Okay il put this right once and for all.There was an article on janas newspaper where i said radio djs are not giving local artistes enough play,i meant radio djs here in coast n i still hold my ground but my friend Elonn Imperialdj is against me and goes on to attack me on social media,this is im not gonna argue with u bro..i said wat i said u sharing it around wont make it wrong..i repeat,u mix on local radio give local music some space,thats why its local radio,ur club playlist is the same as the radio playlist.i wake up inn the morning to listen to my favourite show n ur busy playing KONSHENS n VYBEZ KARTEL asubui working hours on a weekday is the radio a night club..matter of fact i can predict ur playlist,it starts with Konshens,Davido,mafikizolo,vybez kartel,diamond,wizkid then ends with no coast music at all or maybe 3 to cover it up..ni asubui weekday unatuingiza club tufanye nini??i spoke my mind na siku zote maoni hayakataliwi bungeni.no offence though,#peace #happy7_7day"
It did not take any longer than the discussion went on in Pili pili Fm with Chigulu and Chris. Of course they had to defend themselves. However Dj Ken of the show Mwake Mwake wrote on his wall after the discussion supporting his fellow Dj (Dj Elonn). As time went by many stakeholders in music came by giving their own views including the CEO for Stantmastaz and Dj Lenium who also talked about the same.

 In my own opinion without fear or favour. First I would like to thank very many artists who are trying to get good quality music from good producers. However try to put your music almost in all downloadable media platforms like Reverbnation, soundcloud, hulkshare and mdundo.
I had talked about this earlier when I was looking for some songs I like done by LOVE MUMS, but I could not find them anywhere!!! Share your music to all friends in the whole world not only Kenya so as to create a fan base.
Coming to Djs, some try but many to be honest do not really do what we expect.
Starting from what Odinareh said. When I went to Mombasa Fiesta at Mama Ngina I expected the music to be purely Coast or Kenyan….. Why did the Jamaican music get time and airplay in our own platform? (ANSWER: Simply because we gave it airplay) because you would ve substituted that with Fidelaiz, Wyre, Redsan,Fisherman,Proff,C De and the list is long.
To  cut my own story short, I listen to Dj Rabaky of Nigeria and Dj Qvelli they do not have any mix having much Kenyan songs except Victoria Kimani and wyre only and in one mix. It is funny that their counterparts here in Kenya and Mombasa do almost a similar mix like theirs because Psquare,Wizkid,Ice Prince and Davido do not miss in their mixes. Let’s change the game. We play our own first before others.
CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. Go to Bongo and you will realize how stupid we appear when we do not support our own.  PEACE

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