Make Money Rapping!!!

Every rapper especially in Mombasa has the capacity to be rich like any other in Kenya, Afica or the World.
 What matters most is the strategy in the game. Hip hop artists in Mombasa have been recorded with most grievances saying hip hop does not pay.
Now let me advice you as a fan and great Hip hop 'analyst.

Mostly the means through which rappers make money are through Royalties from their music copyright society and Mdundo ; Shows and Concert; Merchandising (selling of clothes/gear that have their logo on it), Ring-tones; Guest appearance on other artists songs(do not like appearing on other peoples’  songs for free); Endorsement money; Ghost writing for other artists; Television appearances and so on. From this list, you can see that there are a lot of ways through which rappers make money.
I remember talking to Odinareh and Ohmslaw Montana who have had their songs top in playlists but are not registered for MCSK(Music Copyright society of Kenya) which means they are not earning from it.
They registered last Month for Mdundo and received some money last week only to realize Rap Pays!!
But most of all I have listed, except a few, depend on the deal the artist signs. Do not get signed to a label that has major artists in it and most of them singers(wabana Pua). You will be overshadowed.  But if you get on an Independent label, then you have power over your  properties and what you  can do, but you might not have access to big funds for promotion of your album like if you were with a Major Label.
Let’s leave the  above for another day. Now when you are a rapper and you know you really have the skill, try to make your songs talk about issues that relate to the society more than you talk about yourself. This will help you may be secure a deal with an NGO, or a parastatal that will use you as an ambassador. You can also end up getting a deal with a big company to sell their product.
What makes many of our Mombasa based rappers not to thrive is, they lack strategy. When something comes like ‘Kenya Kwanza’ or ‘Corruption’ issues you should talk about it in your music and approach related NGO’s and Government bodies with an idea so that they use you and pay you. If you wait for them to come for you.. They wont because they do not know you maybe!!!

Choose the best strategy and you will remember me

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