This is What Ray C had To Say About TID Insulting Her!!

There was a steamy exchange between two of Bongo's biggest musicians; Ray C and TID on social media. The exchange started when TID posted a poster of his latest song on Instagram. Ray C commented on the photo by calling out TID for a chat.

Come let’s talk TID, you are the best musician in East Africa……please let’s talk,” Ray C had written.

Ray C’s comment seemed to have opened a a bad impression on TID who responded with insults that among which even included calling her a whore. “B**** leave me alone. I am not your type and neither do Idont need s**t from you. Your mistake is yours. I am requesting you to just f*** off.  Help your boyfriend not me. I have never liked you..full stop,” he said in response to Ray C

Ray C however said she wanted to reach him because of his drug addiction. She wanted to help him leave and maybe recover from drugs like she did. "I was calling him so i can help him, he is a drug addict" she said.
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