(OPINION) Do You Think This Year's Nzumari Awards Will Take Place?

This year's Nzumari awards has had rebellion from many especially upcoming artists. Kidis withdrew from it after his managers did not approve criteria used to nominate him.
The Grandpa record label in which he signed almost sue the organisers of the event.
Recently Gates Mgenge of Pwani fm wrote on his blog that he too does not support the Controversial awards.
The CEO of the event Eve Queen is quiet about the way people are taking the event.
We actually do not know whether the event will take place since there has been no communication on how to vote for the nominees.
From my point of view I think the event will not happen.....
This could be due to fear that the Grandpa Record label had given sue threat..... and may be due to fear that Kenyans have no trust in it.
What do you think about it?
Will Nzumari Awards take place on 23rd November this year?
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