Reactions From other Mombasa Female Artists after Rap Dem Exposed Sexual Harassment Syndicate.

Mogengesani artist Rap dem yesterday revealed the Kidato Kimoja and katoto kadogo kadogo hitmaker J.I of demanding sexual favours from her in order to include him in her song.
This Brought a soar discussion on social media by fellow femcees.

Below are some of the comments from some of them:

Sis P Babie: We can change this only if we cooperate n unite.

Shamaniz Vocal: Kinachochangia haya yote is bcz hatuna umoja,its high tym tuache kujiskia na tupinge harrasment.i believe pa1 we can.

Shiney Anne: this is bad baaaaaaaaaad.....but y?gals we nid to do sumthing kwani r we nt human beings?ts nt supose kuwa hivo ina ni hurt sana,rap demu just fnd a way out swtsi.

Archy kawere Mombasani greatest event organizer chipped in too and offered to help her fellows. This is what she had to say:

Archy Kawere:  I don't think it's wrong for Rap dem to speak out when such an issue is bugging her.... I think a problem shared is a problem half solved.... am not an artist but a female in this industry... as an event organizer Ave never let no human male or female try to take advantage of my talent so that i can get favour's that is wrong and absurd. all of you as the female artists in msa should come together, work together know your rights and aim for the skies don't let no one bring you down..... if you need your songs pushed to the radio stations hala at me...#beautyandbrains

What do you think about sexual harassment in the music industry?
Leave your comments here, we sample.
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