KOT Trend After Mtutho was Reinstatated into NACADA with Hash Tag #MtuthoWillBan

After John Mtutho was reinstated as the chairman of Nacada, there has been somehow silence for those who rejoiced when his appointment was revoked.
However a trend has emerged since yesterday on twitter with the # tag #MtuthowillBan.
Look at some of the tweets by #KOT(Kenyans on Twitter)

BREAKING : Mututho banns Mashirima Kapombe from reading news, he says her name contravenes Alcoholic act 2010.
#MututhoWillBan the Nataka Kulewa song by Diamond because it encourages irresponsible drinking.
#MututhoWillBan EATV because we can't be having Kibao kipya every week
#MututhoWillBan the phrase "once in a blue moon" coz... bluemoon
#MututhoWillBan ''Im not sobber'' track by Jamnazi Africa. O__o

#MututhoWillBan anyone from using the phrase 'raising the bar' to eliminate any temptations from going to a bar
 #MututhoWillBan Mashirima Kapombe @MKapombe and make her become Mashirima Kachai ama Kasoda #KOT
Ati once in a Blue Moon... #MututhoWillBan Rare events
#MututhoWillBan Goal setting because no one can set the bar...anywhere
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