(INTERVIEWS) Interview With The Flag Lady Vivonce Wandia

What is your real name?
My real name is Vivian Wandia Mburu.
My name Vivonce came from Vivian

So who is Vivonce?
First what you need to know about Vivonce, I am the only girl in our family of three siblings. I stay with my parents though my father is working in Nairobi. I am a hardworking girl and sometimes I can be naughty. I love my family and my fans.

When did you start music?
I have to say my mother is the one who realised I ve the talent of doing music in me. I was the music Festival captain in school and I was rapping. I recorded my first track in 2008

Have you done any collabos since then?
Yeah, very many  and recently I did one with great Bongo artiste Tundaman. The track we did with Tundaman is Called Ungenieleza and it is already out.

Are you currently working on something for your fans?
I am working on a video of my my new track dubbed AFRICA NALITA which is a kwaito kind of music. My fans like it and it is even played alot in Nairobi. Due to this, there is a guy in Naironbi who offered to do me the Video and his name is Tony Hill.

How Many tracks have you done so far?
I have done tracks like:
Nipo Radhi
Penzi lazama
Wewe Pekee
Rafiki wa Kweli
The Flag

Africa Nalita(The song am working on its video)
Am working on another Song NALILE which is not yet out and it is being done in a studio that is in Nairobi called Evolution Media Studios.

I love all my fans, those who request for my songs and those who vote for them. All people who support me in this carrier too are acknowledged.
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