(INTERVIEW)FIVE Minutes Exclusive Interview With Femcee Rap Dem

What is your real name?

Rap Dem
My name is Carolynah PHYLIS Ananda.
When did you start music?

Rap Dem
Back in 2010 ndo nilianza music.
What was your first track then?

    Rap Dem

First track yangu iliitwa Niache but haikutoka poa so I was to go back and do it better

    Oh so you did it better later?

    Rap Dem

    Yeah nilienda KAG records under produza Totti ambapo I recorded my track Beef hapo ndo nilianza kukubalika kwa mitambo

    Oh that is great, so what were you doing then, I mean were you in school, college or out?
Rap Dem

I was out just after my schooling.

How many tracks have you done so far?
Rap Dem

Okay after beef, nkafanya jitambulishe alafu nikafany Agiza so na-work kwa my new track inaitwa Hela ambayo naeza nikaitoa early November

Which record labels do you record in?

Rap Dem

I will say I do my music any place as long as nimebambika na produza

Great, have you done any videos except beef?

Rap Dem

Actually I am arranging on Agiza video which by December it may be out.

Hope it will be Hilarious. Which challenges do you face in the music industry as a femcee?

Rap Dem

Challenges ni mob sana
1. Markting iko so poor ndo uje ujulikane maze itachukua mda.
2. Hatupati mashow kama wengine wetu wa kiume
3. Wasichana wengi hudanganywa na Maproduza ama male artiste so unapata dreamz zinafifia ni mob tu sana

These are major ones I suppose. Now what do you do outside music?

Rap Dem

Okay I work for a living now its only that music has not started paying back.

What can you tell young ladies who want to join the industry

Rap Dem
Industry ni hard ooh this is not the shortcut to fame or life, yaitaji moyo tena sana changamoto ni mob na kama hauko tayari usijaribu.

Hehehe I hope they will get it, now to that controversial question, What is your status, are you single, married....?

Rap Dem

Mmh am single, nataka kuconcetrate kwa my career first. nitakapo jiskia tu I will let you guyz know.

Anything you could wish to conclude with?
Rap Dem

Okay nataka kuongea ju ya madem sana wawache beef na tufanye muzik, they know what am talking about... second I pity those who are here for fun and jokes, Male artiste tusaidieni please we need you, and finally I want to thank each and everyone mwenye anashirikiana na mimi kwa kila jambo haswa in my music journey, all pages bloggers and ofcourse producers , presenters and all fans lets Grow together, May God Bless you.

Check her song here. Beef which was produced by producer Totti and Video By Kay G films

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