Eve Queen's attendance at the Stylus Dj Awards Showed bad Impression.

Eve queen (Eve Adhiambo)made an appearance during Stylus Dj awards on Saturday and it happened that nobody recognized her.
Everybody in the hall looked at her as if she has a horn on her forehead. She even had a hard time trying to walk and find a seat.
The MC of the day Dj Gates Mgenge did not recognize her even mention her name. The controversial Event organizer has had scandals surrounding her in the recent past. Recently she was being accused of conning Mama Sizo. Two months ago Waweru of Ring Ring entertainment too claimed to have been conned by her around 20k.
She was arrested over the Saga of conning Mama Sizo.

It was not expected for her to come to the Dj awards. Immediately after the event was over Eve posed for some pictures due to a request from the reporters present and she immediately left.

After Eve left the venue Beyonce and another Beryl Kawere who is also an event organiser were seen laughing with Beyonce saying “Siwezi piga picha na mtu mwenye halipi rent” while Beryl saying “Hatupigi picha na maconvicts”.
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