(INTERVIEW)Exclusive Interview with Hot Sauce alias Makamo wa Rais


What is your real name?
My real name is Tim Wabwile and stage name Hot Sauce aka Makamo wa Rais

When did you start music?
I started music way back in 2003 when I was in form one up to date

Had you recorded any track then?
Not yet I was just writing lyrics until 2009 when I recorded my first track

What was the name of your first track?
My first track is called 'Ruka' and it was done by Producer Ujoc of Bermuda Records

How many tracks have you done so far?

So far I have done six tracks on my name and
some collabos also 

Which artists have you done collabos with?
I ve done Collabos with Kalimani Tha MC one of the best cats in Hip Hop as we speak, Gedi, Pablo, SQ who are upcoming cats in the industry but very leathal

Are you signed to any Record label
Currently no but am headed that direction my last track was done by Johny Blaze of Ziki Records am just a freelance emcee for now.

Have you done any video to your Songs?
I got one with Shreekezy goes by the name Wake Juu was done in Nakuru

Which challenges do you face in the music industry ?
Studio fee to record a single track is the major challenge. No one will listen to you however talented you may be but pesa kwanza, fake promoters, some radio presenters asking for money so as to give airplay to your song .....its crazy I tell you.

What do you do outside music?
I am a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Business Adminsrtation Marketing option at the Technical University of Mombasa(TUM)

That is great, what can you tell those youngsters who want to join the industry?
Hard work and persistence and to never give up lazima tupenye hata kama nikutumia kifua

Hahaha, good encouragement. What is your status...... married,single.....?

Hahaha I saw that coming am
in a relationship.

It is very controversial but we have to ask so that those single chics salivating for you can know...hehehe. What can you conclude with?

Am here to put Hip Hop music back to where it should be at the top cause those I found here in Mombasa failed to do so..............

Check his Song here WEKA JUU
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