The Identified Westgate Attackers By Name and Origin.

 Among the attackers are several Jihadists from Western countries, including Britain and the United States.
Below are the names of those who have already been identified and believed to be some of the attackers inside Nairobi’s Westgate Mall.
1. Sayd Nuh – 25 – Kismayu
2. Ismael Galed – 23 – Finland
3. Mustafa Noordiin – 24 – Marekani
4. Abdifatah Osman- 24 – Marekani
5. Kassim Musa – 22 – Garissa
6. Mohammed Badr – 24 – Syria

Here is the list (BOTH CONFIRMED AND UNCONFIRMED!) of the alleged attackers released by Twitter account allegedly affiliated with Al-Shabaab:
Sayid N. from Kismayu, Somalia.
Zaki Jama C., from Hargeisa, Somalia
Saad D., from Damascus, Syria
Mohamed B., from Aleppo, Syria
Qasim Said M., Garissa, Kenya
Ismail G., from Helsinki, Finland
Ahmed Nasir S., from London, UK
Mustafa N., from Kansas City, US
Abdishakur Sheikh H., from Maine, US
Abdifatah Osman K., from Minneapolis, US
Ahmad Mohamed I., from Saint Paul, US
Abdikarem Ali M., from Illinois, US
Shafie D., from Tucson, US
Abdirazak M., from Ontario (Canada)
Eliko M., from Dagestan, Russia
Mohammed A., from Svalov, Sweden
Moulid A., from Sweden
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