Diamond Platinumz in another Hot Scandal

The Miss who was expelled from school because of her pregnancy, Sasha Juma has emerged and claims that she has had the pregnancy with the Bongo  Flava star, Nasibu Abdul 'Diamond Platnumz'.

News from our reliable source claimed that Sasha and Diamond met at a restaurant in the mall's existing Mlimani City, Dar and then set up the connection.

Sasha was alleged that she and his friends went out on one of those stores where he found Diamond and his cousin, Romy Jones sitting outside the restaurant.

It was reported that Sasha wanted to be acquainted with Romy long ago, then it followed that she greeted Diamond and he was motivated by the beaut and said that he would take her phone number out to Romy as he had.

Our source that it received more flow then withdrew Sasha and her friends, this time as she is a Form Four in secondary school in Dar es Salaam International Sinza-which is in Dar.

It was alleged that Diamond began chatting with Sasha before meeting the 'do thing'.

When sasha was asked about the alleged baby she has with diamond. This is what she said:

Ni kweli nimezaa na Diamond. Mtoto ana miezi mitatu sasa. Unajua yeye ndiye alinikatisha masomo na kusema kuwa ataniendeleza na atamlea mtoto hivyo alivyokaa kimya sikuona tena sababu ya kumfuatilia kwa vile kwetu napata kila kitu.” 

When Diamond was contacted via phone to clarify whether he is the father to the baby, he declined and said:
Hahahaaa…mbona hiyo ishu ni kubwa sana kwangu! Ukweli huyo mwanamke simjui kabisa. Lete stori nyingine achana na hiyo.
Diamond now has a new girlfriend know as Vj  Penny
Diamond and Vj Penny
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