Don't Turn Around By Anonymous Vedette (LYRICS)

Title: Don't Turn Around
Artist: Anonymous Vedette
Studio: Jungle Masters

Yeah, been waiting for so long
Time to hear my voice on the radio
It's about time...
Hip hop, 2012
(Lets Do this)

The Anonymous Vedette... C-May on the beat
This is Hip Hop

Having no swag is my swag,
No pain is my pain,
No fear is my fear,
Am gone, but am still here,
The only part of me that is straight is that I aint gay
But am opposite and different, in every single way.
When I was growing up my father used to tell me am weak
But I realized am strong enough at-least to hold the mic.
I got so many problems but am too fat i cant run, and if I do I'll
probably catch an asthma attack.
I know life is hard but what the fuck,
We gotta live it anyway, DJ play the next track,
Trying hard to let go off my past, trynna focus on my future, do wish me luck.
So many things in my head like there's an engine in here,
Quick somebody call a doctor I don't need an engineer,
I just need a piece of mind cos nothing seems clear,
Shit, it seems am being haunted by my own fears

Every-time you got rhymes, you wanna make a sound, don't turn turn around
Just stand your ground ground ground...
Don't look back just rap go on make that sound,
But don't turn around,
Go on make that sound sound sound

October 2003 I lost my brother
that's the same year I found out I had a step mother,
My whole life moved from one level to another
Immediately that moment I lost faith in my father,
They say when life gives you a lemon make a lemonade
but life threw me a grenade
I didn't explode, I became a renegade, more aggressive less afraid now
haters see me and think that's a danger sign ahead,
my step mother told me I would make it, so did my dad,
everyone thought I was a loser I had no ability
Even my own ma said I had become a liability,
so fuck it, I sought my own way and used integrity,
It's funny how you can be the best rapper,
but no one ever tells you till you meet the grim reaper
that's when, they stand on your grave saying the good things you did
how they wish you were alive, how they wish you weren't dead



Now that I've grown older I know what's good for me,
I know those who support me and those who are against me,
My dad didn't hate me he wanted the best for me,
But I reacted in a harsh that was stupid of me!
But it ain't too late to apologize,,
I was acting out of bitterness now i realize,
My little brain had no knowledge but now it's grown in size,
I take my own actions am done with fantasies,
I wanna make my dad proud so every time he says am his he can feel
like Poseidon, the god of the seas,
I've never said this before but my dad is my role model,
made me the man I am now I get crushes from models.
I quit singing sad songs like Adelle,
Enjoy life I got a girl on my lap like a dell,
After am done with this, I should get a record deal,
Keep it real, bitch am ill doing shit how I feel....
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