Octoppizzo Features Ms Karun in his New Video

Octoppizzo released his new video NINI in which he has featured in it Miss Karun. Miss Karun is a former member of Camp Mulla who released also her album last month.
Octopizzo had to promised to release great things for his fans and he has done that.
Look at how he introduced the video.

NINI! is a song based on a Swahili word NINI meaning ‘WHAT!? in English, or WHAT IS? in SwagHili. The song is dedicated to all party animals,and also those people who have once fallen victims to ill-mouthed characters -cyber bullies or qwerty gangsters, just stay positive as they keep on talking we keep on moving..”jomba ukibonga mzae mi-na-songa”.. ACROSS THE GLOBE.. NINI! – Spanish word to describe a young, rebel & global generation only interested in party, Mo job, Mo study, XTREEEEM PARTYIIIING!!!!!. have fun.. #ItsNumberNaneBaiiby! #SwagHili
 Miss Karun makes an appearance in this video.If you  Remember some time back when he shared a photo of the two of them and explained that they were working on something. Now this is it. Check the video here.
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