How to prepare to Party.......

If you are wondering on how you should prepare before you go for a party........ what you should do is like 3 hours before the party  do like 25 push ups, 25 sit ups, and 25 leg dips NO MORE!!!!!!!.
After your workout you should take a nice warm shower and wash your hair. Brush your teeth. Style your hair really cool. Put on some great Cologne (not too much), and also before you leave, pop a breath Mint into your mouth and let it melt under your tongue. Before walking into the party have a piece of dentine ice gum to chew on then your safe for your breath.

Now if you need clothes I would recommend a short sleeve button down shirt, then wear some designer jeans that go with the shirt, most of the party's I've been to people have dark lights so i recommend you wear some black shoes cause it might get crowded, and people dancing wild there is a high chance people will step on your shoes. In cold places like Nairobi you can add on a hood jumper but a light one

When you walk into the party go find the beverages then go to the wall, and look around for about 2 minutes, and see if you could find any of your friends then go reunite with them. Now you should be all set and ready to party. Rem today is Friday so party to the fullest.

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