How to avoid Getting Drugged in a Club

Getting drugged is when somebody has you ingest drugs without your knowledge. Delivery can be as blatant as an attacker forcibly injecting you with a syringe but it's usually more subtle than that. It's crucial to recognize when you've been drugged because you'll be much easier to be taken advantage of, possibly leading to sexual assault or being robbed.
To avoid being drugged, this are some of the tips that will really help you

1.Don't leave your drink unattended.
2.Don't use glass brought to you by unknown person.
3.Glass can easily be laced,try rinsing the glass before use or try wiping using a tissue.
4.Don't drink an open drink, insist on the waiter to open the drink from your table.
5.If your drinking a cocktail, drink it from the counter or an open area you can see the preparation.
6.Master the taste of your drink that you like taking e.g whisky, vodka, beer etc.
7.Let your friends know where you are and never be alone.
8.If you meet a new person, inform your friends atleast of the name or least take a photo with them.
9. If he/she is generous with buying drinks, then be very careful.
10.Befriend the bouncers and waiters, e.g buying them a drink or offer a tip and they will take care of you
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