Nzumari Awards Becomes Less Popular Every Year.


In 2013 Nzumari Awards did not take place due to bad preparations. First The lists of Nominees were revised twice and even other nominees like Kidis and Susumila withdrew from the awards.
 Read here.
In 2014 there were mixed reactions over the event which is usually organised by Eve Queen. This year's event was not any different. The event's venue was changed the 11th hour and as if that is not enough, the unashamed organiser posted the votes tally which contadicts who really won in each cartegory. This is how people voted:

Nzumari Awards 2015... Classic Edition
Winners as per the votes from the people not as per the management......
Male Artist Mombasa
Sudi Boy 9 votes
Dazlah 24 votes
Amour Beybe 2 votes
Brown Mauzo 3 votes
Dogo Richee 2 votes

Male Artist Tanzania
Ali Kiba 30 votes
Ommy Dimpoz 4 votes
AY 1 vote
Rich Mavoko 2 votes
Shetta 3 votes
Male Artist Nairobi
Jaguar 7 votes
King Kaka 18 votes
Khaligraph Jones 8 votes
Octopizzo 4 votes
Kenrazy 3 votes
Female Artist Mombasa
Sis P 14 votes
Vivonce 16 votes
Love Mumz 2 votes
Mama Lao 4 votes
Jovial 4 votes
Female Artist Tanzania
Vanessa Mdee 24 votes
Lady Jay D 11 votes
Shilole 2 votes
Linah 2 votes
Shaa 1 vote
Female Artist Nairobi
Victoria Kimani 14 votes
Avril 8 votes
Amileena 7 votes
Size 8 5 votes
Wahu 6 votes
Artist Of the Year Mombasa
Ali B 22 votes
Chikuzee 5 votes
Amour Beybe 4 votes
Brown Mauzo 8 votes
Chapatizo 1 vote
Artist of the Year Nairobi
Victoria Kimani 7 votes
Elani 10 votes
Jaguar 9 votes
Redsan 7 votes
Juliani 7 votes
Hip Hop Artist of the Year Mombasa
Kaa La Moto 19 votes
Ohm's Law Montana 12 votes
Johnny Skani 4 votes
Cyprezzy 2 votes
Odinareh Bingwa 3 votes
Hip Hop Artist of the Year Nairobi
King Kaka 21 votes
Octopizzo 4 votes
Juliani 5 votes
Khaligraph Jones 10 votes
Kristoff 0 votes
Producer of the Year
TK2 12 votes
Emmy Dee 3 votes
Khalid Produza 2 votes
Tee Hits 6 votes
Petrooz 4 votes
Amz 7 votes
Teknixx 6 votes
Gospel Artist of the Year
Bahati 16 votes
Mercy Masika 14 votes
Willy Paul 4 votes
Christine Ndela 1 vote
Papa Denis 5 votes
Upcoming Artist of the Year
Sultan wa Pwani 6 votes
Mswazi Masauti 10 votes
Bawazir 8 votes
Cash Era 13 votes
Kigoto 3 votes
Band of the Year
Juukwa the Band 12 votes
Neo the Band 6 votes
Wasojali Band 16 votes
Apa Ghemma 5 votes
Waletano Band 1 vote
Song of the Year
Kide Kide - Dazlah & Susumila 31 votes
Niko Nawe - Number 1 academia 2 votes
Bonge la Bwana - Sis P 3 votes
Bembea - Ali B 4 votes
Sebene - Amour Beybe 0 votes
Collabo of the Year
Kide Kide - Dazlah & Susumila 17 votes
Twende - Sudi Boy & King Kaka 7 votes
Tuliza Nyavu - Vivonce, Kaa La Moto, Susumila & King Kaka
13 votes
Niko Nawe - Number 1 academia 2 votes
Panga Pangua - Brown Mauzo & Mustafa 1 vote
Female Social Personality
Wema Sepetu 7 votes
Huddah Monroe 14 votes
Zari the Boss Lady 9 votes
Vera Sidika 7 votes
Corazon Kwamboka 3 votes
Dance Group of the Year
Tsunami Dancers 14 votes
Talanta Africa 5 votes
B12 Dancers 3 votes
Dabs All Stars 12 votes
Gcleff Dancers 6 votes
Actor of the Year
Juma Shibe 15 votes
Lucky Collins 4 votes
Eric Omtere 8 votes
Yusuf Dalu 6 votes
Oniel Nyanje 7 votes
Actress of the Year
Kibibi Salim 19 votes
Caroline Rita 0 votes
Mwangi Queen 5 votes
Maureen Wanza 8 votes
Lizz Karanja 8 votes
TV Program of the Year
Mseto East Africa - CITIZEN TV 27 votes
Maisha Mzuka - KTN TV 2 votes
Kumi Kali - Pwani TV 9 votes
Homegrown - KBC TV 2 votes
Arena 254 - K24 TV 0 votes
TV Station of the Year
CITIZEN 23 votes
KTN 3 votes
NTV 3 votes
PWANI TV 9 votes
K24 2 votes
Male Radio Presenter
Mafimbo - Pwani FM 13 votes
Billy Miya - Baraka FM 13 votes
Chigulu - Pili Pili FM 5 votes
Chris Da Bass - Pili PIli FM 4 votes
Teddy Mwanamgambo - Kaya FM 5 votes
Female Radio Presenter
Nelly - Baraka FM 8 votes
Tima - Pwani FM 13 votes
Sis Shaniez - KAYA FM 7 votes
MAMA MADIKODIKO - Pili Pili FM 11 votes
Bishara Aden - Pwani FM 1 vote
Video of the Year
Kide Kide - Dazlah & Susumila 22 votes
Niko Nawe - Number 1 academia 3 votes
Bonge La Bwana - Sis P 2 votes
Panga Pangua - Brown Mauzo & Mustafa 6 votes
Jirani - Wasojali Band & Susumila 7 votes

 And as you can see this contradicts who they gave the awards. Some fans and nomines couldn't hold their reactions but speak their mind
These are some of the reactions:

Female artist msa Kama niivi kulivyo kua basi cjaelewa inaonekana nilikua na votes mob kuwashinda wenzangu, alafu kuka endaje? Ama mwanambiaje ma fans wa Vivonce
Posted by Vivonce Wandia on Sunday, December 13, 2015

You should hire me to do disaster management for you guys.......oh and some PR/Communication and all..... I mean, look...
Posted by Ian Vedette Kafuna on Sunday, December 13, 2015

#Nzumari_Awards, Nasikitika kuwa kura nyingi ziliharibika kwa sababu ya mtu kushindwa kulipia Page ya online voting....
Posted by Khalid Produza on Sunday, December 13, 2015
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