Rappers Kassamoney and Odinareh Bingwa Release a Diss Track


November 2015 has been a month of diss tracks and beef between Hip hop artists especially in Nairobi. The diss fever however has hit Mombasa. Rappers Kassamoney and Odinareh Bingwa released their diss track on Saturday where they spoke their mind.
In the track they spoke across all elements that constitute coast entertainment including biased radio presenters and biased Coast based awards.
Kaa La Moto too was not left in the list of those dissed:

"kaa la nyocho kiumbe ww n hiphop crimer maringo ya kike n ww ni mtoto wa kiume you used to be really bt sikuizi umechapa n unashuka ka poko wa 77 sometimes nacheka unajichocha ati umefika n hata america hujafika" Was one of the lines that hit Kaa la Moto.

Since the diss train has reached Mombasa lets wait and see whether Kaa La Moto will reply this .
Listen to the track here:

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