When I Did it For The First Time


My father used to tell me it is bad
My mother said don't worry son it is adult stuff
Uncle Vitalis said it can kill
Aunt Jane said it has killed many people.

I feared it as I grew up
My teachers insisted it is a menace
It is actually a national disaster
Though still people do it.

I pray to God that I never do it
I asked for guidance not to even think of it
I read a lot of articles for advice
In fact I get a thousand seminars over it

I am so sad that the people who could help are sick
My role models are already diagnosed of the disease
How could I be safe yet am interacting with the infected
How could I be safe when my friends are already sick.

I thought the clergy were spared but they weren't
May be I could find refuge in my able teachers but i couldnt
Even my relatives showed symptoms of the disease
The cousin I was close to was sick too.

Am a grown man now
I am jobless yet I want to eat and pay rent
I ve papers showing I ve what it takes to do the job
But I know nobody who can help me

Since I do not ve money I decide to walk home from town
The little I ve has a lot to do than pay my fare.
I find policemen chasing rioters and they arrest me
I fear sleeping in the dark police cells

I bribe for the first time

True story

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