Ziki La Nazi Event at Pirates Beach Was a Failure


After the Dignitaries of Ziki la nazi tried to make a big event for a native coastal platform for coast artists it was actually not a success. The show went down last weekend at Pirates beach hotel with a handful of fans.
The show itself was plagued with the challenges of its kind. I bet this is not the first time big events in Mombasa get these challenges and we expected at least mechanical problems like sound systems to be curbed.
It was absurd to see Susumila use playback which wasn't sounding well and all the time showing stunning utterances to Dj Lenium. 
We do respect Nyota Ndogo and she tried her best to make fans feel for what it was worth the tickets they bought.

Ally B too tried and much more his dancers gave an impression.
What I can I say, before such a show kicks off the sound systems,DJ decks and the whole stage should be prepared way much earlier and tested before the main event. If need be, the performing artists should even give their tracks to the DJ earlier so as to prepare.
Next time try harder not to fail again
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